Bengalis is a Film Star

When I first started this blog I complained that my human didn’t have the right toys to make me a film star. Instead she’s taken tons upon tons of photos of me with that mobile phone of hers. There have been times when I got really irritated of that bright light in my face before hearing the cli-click. But since it’s for ‘Bengalis worship’ I’m okay with it.

Now… finally… I’m a Film Star!
She got her act together and have filmed me playing with a rubber. I really like that rubber! It bounces! Now she just need to find suitable music to it. It’s less interesting without music.
She also filmed one of our cuddle moments. I like that one.

To see me in action you have to visit my human’s playground:

Love me!


A tale of a tail

My tail has a life of its own. It’s not like other tails. A ‘normal’ cat tail is agile. It can bend and move in the most subtle ways. Take my former house-pal Sefima’s tail for example. It’s slim and highly flexible – like a piece of string. She can make the tip of her tail bend in the tiniest way to express her mood. My tail? It’s like a flexible stick. A subtle movement of my tail looks as if I am irritated. But I’m not. Creatures around me should be on their guard. I’ve apparently hit my human in the face a few times. She wasn’t amused. One time my tail landed in something wet and sticky. Not sure what that was but it was edible since my human was eating it [owner inserts “strawberry jam sandwich…”].

I think my unusual tail movement has something to do with my birth. We were a lot of siblings so it must’ve been rather crowded within my mum. It’s possible the tail didn’t develop properly because some other kitten was pressing against it. The end is a little wobbly and not at all straight.

Want to see? My human made me a mini-filmstar: Bengalis’ tail.