Sleep depravation

How am I supposed to sleep with dogs barking and howling too early in the morning? Do they not have any respect for sleeping creatures? Can’t they learn to use a litterbox like everyone else and not whine because they need to potty? I didn’t get sleep because my human wouldn’t stay still because of all the noise. At one point we moved to the sofa but there the nightmares picked up and I ended up growling at my human because she ruffled my head to calm me down. I did calm down and involuntarily started to purr. But still, I get scared when I hear sudden noises or when I see/experience fast movements – or touched in sleep. Like these new feet warmers my human use. Or I should say ‘used’. They sound just like the bed does when I plod along on the cover, just more intense.  It felt best to avoid them to be safe so I hid behind the table and peeked around the corner. Now the feet warmers are only used in bed, which is fine with me because I don’t have to see and hear them.

On a good note, my tail is improving. I’ve been practicing to move the tip in smooth motions. It’s working out wee because I can now bend the tip a little to show content and curiosity. My former human was the first to notice it a while back. I got lost of aaaawww’s and ooooo’s. Made me feel proud!
…but it hasn’t stopped me from accidentally smacking my human in the face with it. Oooops!

As a last note for this time around, my fur has bulked up. I’m chunky now. Winter seasons does that to me. It’s all fun and soft now but just wait until it gets warmer. Shedding galore!

I hope I get a nice gift this year.


A tale of a tail

My tail has a life of its own. It’s not like other tails. A ‘normal’ cat tail is agile. It can bend and move in the most subtle ways. Take my former house-pal Sefima’s tail for example. It’s slim and highly flexible – like a piece of string. She can make the tip of her tail bend in the tiniest way to express her mood. My tail? It’s like a flexible stick. A subtle movement of my tail looks as if I am irritated. But I’m not. Creatures around me should be on their guard. I’ve apparently hit my human in the face a few times. She wasn’t amused. One time my tail landed in something wet and sticky. Not sure what that was but it was edible since my human was eating it [owner inserts “strawberry jam sandwich…”].

I think my unusual tail movement has something to do with my birth. We were a lot of siblings so it must’ve been rather crowded within my mum. It’s possible the tail didn’t develop properly because some other kitten was pressing against it. The end is a little wobbly and not at all straight.

Want to see? My human made me a mini-filmstar: Bengalis’ tail.