Cat in (cyber)space

One small step for Cat, one.. giant leap for Felines.

There are tons and tons of cat related videos in cyberspace. Some fun, some mediocre. But what do you do when your human doesn’t have the toys to make you a film star? You start a blog! Or a website. So here I am in all my bronze-coloured glory.

Since I have a tight schedule of roughly 20 hours of sleep, an hour or so for litterbox breaks, food and drinks and another 2-3 hours of voicing my opinion/playing/cuddling with my human I have little time for much else. But I will do my best at sharing my extraordinary events.

Today’s extraordinary event was when my human decided it was a good idea to use my toy tunnel as a giant worm and move it towards me in a frightening manner. I do what any sane cat would do – I ran!
It’s not the first time that tunnel attacks me but more about that another time. We need to decorate this place with pictures!