Play with me

It’s early morning. I’m awake for a change. My human is asleep. I want attention. I want to play. So I start verbalizing my need.

Nothing happens.

I raise my voice. The cover scrunch. I up my voice. A respond.


I complain some more and get shushed at, more irritated than before. Suddenly the entertainment box awakes. It wasn’t me. My human gets up and I’m like “woooow, that’s what it takes” and begin to chase around her legs for some action.
The entertainment box is silenced and my human returns to bed.


Activia raspberries

Now I’m frustrated. It is time to get up, to play, to cuddle, to eat tuna. But I get nothing. Then something completely unexpected happens – the bedroom door is shut – in my face! I shout WOE IS MEEEEEE. It didn’t help.

When my human finally got up I got some tuna. Everything is now forgiven and forgotten. By the way… have any of you fellow kitties tried the human food … yoohghuuurrt? It’s… milky… and it comes in different colours and tastes… different than milk. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes red and sometimes purple. I just love it. If only I could get a canister of my own. The dollops I get are small.
I could probably teach my human to give me more. I just need some time.


2 thoughts on “Play with me

  1. – Could you please find a way to send some of that yoghurrrt to me without my human knowing. I am hungry. My human is sleeping and…
    -Va! Vad är detta? Vad har matte sagt om att sitta framför datorn och titta på kattbloggar?
    – Meeeow! %&H¤”#=½€“!!!
    – Ajj!

    • Aw Sefima! You need to voice your demands a whole lot more. Make your human buy some of this stuff. Use your claws if you have to. I was fortunate to have stumbled upon this yoohghuuurrt while my human was having a meal. I’ve gotten some almost every day for a few days now. Reeeaally tasty!

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