Is my human unfaithful?

I’m starting to wonder if my human has a cat on the side. Recently she’s been away more than usual, and when she comes home her socks have a familiar carpet smell. We only have one carpet in our home and it’s not it. She wears slippers at home. She also have foreign cat hair on her clothes. It kind of smells like my old home and my house-pal Sefima. Of course these scents need to go away so I have been extra cuddly to rub in my own scent on her. I usually focus on her glasses. If another cat is ‘in her face’ then they will definitely know she’s already claimed!

We’ve also had a few early mornings where I’ve forced myself in between the covers for a bit of camping. We have a chilly bedroom so it’s extra nice to be surrounded by warmth. Sometimes I stay above all covers and just headbutt her and flip on my back to tread air. That’s fun. Best way to get belly rubs! It almost makes me forgive her for visiting other cats.


A tale of a tail

My tail has a life of its own. It’s not like other tails. A ‘normal’ cat tail is agile. It can bend and move in the most subtle ways. Take my former house-pal Sefima’s tail for example. It’s slim and highly flexible – like a piece of string. She can make the tip of her tail bend in the tiniest way to express her mood. My tail? It’s like a flexible stick. A subtle movement of my tail looks as if I am irritated. But I’m not. Creatures around me should be on their guard. I’ve apparently hit my human in the face a few times. She wasn’t amused. One time my tail landed in something wet and sticky. Not sure what that was but it was edible since my human was eating it [owner inserts “strawberry jam sandwich…”].

I think my unusual tail movement has something to do with my birth. We were a lot of siblings so it must’ve been rather crowded within my mum. It’s possible the tail didn’t develop properly because some other kitten was pressing against it. The end is a little wobbly and not at all straight.

Want to see? My human made me a mini-filmstar: Bengalis’ tail.