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bengalisthecat.wordpress.com is an extension of www.SpaceOddity.com. Pictures displayed on this site are owned by the owner of SpaceOddity and will, for the most part, have a watermark to prevent theft of pictures.

About Bengalis [ben-gá-lïs]
I am a handsome male cat currently at the tender age of 5 years old (born March 2009). I have an adorable voice [owner inserts “screams like a child”], I am gentle [owner inserts “headbutts nose to hard”] and have excellent agile instincts [owner inserts “falls down from heights a lot”].

I lived with a female human and her female cat from a very early age up until I was 4 years old. It was fun except when the other cat, Sefima, got tired of me and my intense need for cuddles. Unfortunately, that happened a lot. I used to look for her high and low and often found her. But when I did she moved places to avoid me.
As luck has it I (unwillingly) met another female human who was tall, dark and generally frightening, but after much evaluation I realized the new human wasn’t so bad. It was hard to not fall in love with all the cuddles I got.

I have now lived with this new human for almost a year and things could probably not be better. She’s learned my sleeping schedule, my eating and drinking habits and my demand for cuddles. I would say she’s learned my fears and what makes me anxious too but I don’t possess such weak demeanor [owner inserts “he has nightmares & easily gets scared by sudden noise”].

[Owner notes: His nickname is ‘Bengan’, a common nickname for Swedish men called Bengt]


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