Music and Me

My household is almost never quiet during daytime. My human likes music. Most of the time it’s the kind that don’t hurt my ears. On rare occasions the sound gets a bit … too much. That’s when I retreat into the bedroom to sleep. Lately, I haven’t been needing to do that.

These past few days the music has intensified. It’s no longer just sound, it has become visual too. In the evening, when we usually watch quiet (in comparison) programs about animals and other interestingly moving objects or creatures, we now watch music. There’s humans moving about to the music. Sometimes. I like movement. I find it soothing if it’s calm but highly entertaining if there’s speed behind it. Birds have speed at times, which brings me to this…

I enjoy this. It’s borderline difficult for my hearing to process this but it’s still calm. This human doesn’t move a lot, which is a shame, but there are plenty of other things that move. Like the drops. I especially like the golden bird behind this human in the end. It flaps its wings, though not as much as it would require to get me in chase mode. It needs much more speed for that. Preferably moving out of sight while in speed. I have a whole ‘smörgåsbord’ of that outside my window. No golden birds there though.


Bengalis is a Film Star

When I first started this blog I complained that my human didn’t have the right toys to make me a film star. Instead she’s taken tons upon tons of photos of me with that mobile phone of hers. There have been times when I got really irritated of that bright light in my face before hearing the cli-click. But since it’s for ‘Bengalis worship’ I’m okay with it.

Now… finally… I’m a Film Star!
She got her act together and have filmed me playing with a rubber. I really like that rubber! It bounces! Now she just need to find suitable music to it. It’s less interesting without music.
She also filmed one of our cuddle moments. I like that one.

To see me in action you have to visit my human’s playground:

Love me!

A tale of a tail

My tail has a life of its own. It’s not like other tails. A ‘normal’ cat tail is agile. It can bend and move in the most subtle ways. Take my former house-pal Sefima’s tail for example. It’s slim and highly flexible – like a piece of string. She can make the tip of her tail bend in the tiniest way to express her mood. My tail? It’s like a flexible stick. A subtle movement of my tail looks as if I am irritated. But I’m not. Creatures around me should be on their guard. I’ve apparently hit my human in the face a few times. She wasn’t amused. One time my tail landed in something wet and sticky. Not sure what that was but it was edible since my human was eating it [owner inserts “strawberry jam sandwich…”].

I think my unusual tail movement has something to do with my birth. We were a lot of siblings so it must’ve been rather crowded within my mum. It’s possible the tail didn’t develop properly because some other kitten was pressing against it. The end is a little wobbly and not at all straight.

Want to see? My human made me a mini-filmstar: Bengalis’ tail.