Double food, no food

Yesterday I held serenades by the door when my human got home. Long, drawn out exclamations of love (for soft food). Some tripping around feet. Tip of tail wiggling (yes I have started to master it now). Stretching up towards the counter to try speed things up. More serenades and voila, my food was served. I sometimes don’t eat instantly. Sometimes I continue my serenades until my human is about to leave the kitchen and then I eat.

But I ate. Salmon I believe it was. I would like that other fish, herring, but for some reason my human cannot catch one of those tins [owner notes: sold out in the store].

Later that evening, after some racing around in our home, looking at birds, sun worshiping, and minor cuddles I got more soft food. Wut?! I always try to get more food but never do. This time I did. What’s going on?
Then, this morning, when I decided it was time for my human to wake up I only managed one purr and slight poking at the cover before she bolted out of bed with a “Shit!”, rushed out in the kitchen and removed my dry food bowls. And I didn’t get any food at all. What the H is going on? Well, if I can’t get some service in this joint then I will cling on my human until I do. I’ll be the poo that never quite leave your bum, and you don’t want to lick it off because there’s too much of it. It’s there. It’s irritating. But you don’t want to deal with it. …okay, not the greatest analogy.

I better get some food later today!