Such a Beautiful Day

Today has been bliss to be perfectly honest. I shared the bed with my human and we had a bit of a very warm cuddle moment under the covers. It’s been a while. Sometimes I don’t feel like it, sometimes she doesn’t feel like it, or have time, but that’s fine. Today we cuddled and I got my belly rubbed. When it was time to get up I got more cuddles in the bathroom, and I decided when I had enough for a change. I did complain a little when my human delayed. Showers. Why? There’s no shed fur to remove.

After my tuna breakfast (and later that … yoohghuuurrt) I went back to bed and slept for a while. It was cold though, so just in time for the sun to spread its rays across the living room window I showed up and made myself comfortable. My human kept herself occupied with something or other while I graciously moved positions in the warmth of the rays. A little bit of sideways. A little bit of paws in the air. A little bit of curled up ball.

I also did some grooming. Slow washing. Front left paw. Toes. Front left leg. Belly. Front right leg, paw, toes. Private parts – cannot neglect those. More paws. I know I was filmed but I ignored it – for the most part. Apparently filming got boring because my human decided to give me more belly rubs and speak to me in a whispering voice. Purring commenced!

All days should be like this. Bliss!


Patience is a virtue

Finally! Success!
After years of training my human has finally understood that it is custom to serve shrimp more than once a week (I didn’t even get that) and tuna equally often. This week is the first time that I got shrimp two days in a row (praise Bastet!) and I do believe there are tuna cans in the cupboard. I haven’t exactly seen or smelled the cans but… you know, I hope. Hope is the last thing that an individual surrender.

Now there’s not a whole lot more I can teach my human. I have plenty of food to choose from even though I’m not picky. I have a relatively clean litter box that currently needs new sand. No biggie. There’s plenty of places to sleep, the bed being the best one because we share the warmth there. Oh I forgot to mention that we have changed the covers from thin ones to the thick ones. It scrunches when I walk on it. And it keeps us warm. Which leads me to the fact that all I have to do is poke the opening a little to be let under. No struggle. No bashing of a human head – although I have to headbutt her at times. Usually, I hit the nose and apparently that hurts because I usually get a loud “OW! in my ears. Suits you right for not letting me under quickly enough.

Bengalis sleeping in lap

Few things beats sleeping in a warm lap.

And… like tuna garnish on a shrimp… I got to explore an area that I have never been allow to explore – the top of the wardrobe. It was exciting but dusty. It made me sneeze. I’ve been up there twice now. If I can make her clean up there it would be awesome!

What else have I managed? The walk-in storage opens up a little more often now. Sun… well, we can’t control that one but I take every chance I get to soak in the sun. Yesterday was one of those days. I have my favourite spot in the livingroom window. The second best is the kitchen during mornings. But today it’s cloudy so I’ve had to settle for the radiator pouch.

Few things beats a sleep in a warm lap.One thing that I’m still not allowed to do is to serve myself treats. There was a chicken pizza with human delicacies on top and I desperately tried to squeeze into the lap of my human. That worked. Then I desperately made my entire body, and especially my nose, longer so I could perhaps get a nibble. That didn’t work. I circled the plate but a hand stopped me from entering the chicken sphere. Hope. It never leaves, right? Well, bits of chicken appeared on the floor. I was circling the area and just saw them there, one after the other. Sooo tasty. So I guess not being able to serve myself treats is okay as long as I get something – one way or another.
To avoid getting fat I decided to have a run around my territory. I attacked the sofa and pulled back my ears to the best of my ability. The left one is a little daft and has been since birth. I heard a sudden noise and bolted across the back and down on the side. Then I leapt over our large cushions and rushed to the bedroom. Then I ran back, crawled under the sofa and attacked the cover hanging down from the seats. Now I just take it easy and rest.

Escape artist seeking comfort

So… It is now safe to say, or conclude, that No Food equals Veterinarian. I shall be better prepared next time!
To make it really, really short, I was shoved into the carrier, taken to the vet, was prodded and shaved in the presence of my human (I gave her a sad ‘Why?!’ look but it didn’t help). I was left there, though I suppose the soft whispers and encouragements were out of love. That’s all I remember clearly. I have vague images of being put in a closed carrier in a dark bathroom, fully kitted with cushions, blankets and towels. I also got out of the carrier. I don’t remember how but I have seen the carrier after I got my usual self back and the whole zipper side has been torn apart! BOOOSH! You will not carry me anywhere anymore!

Yeah. We had a cuddle-fest for days afterwards. I enjoyed sleeping under blankets. More quiet, not to mention dark and warm.

Bangalis under pink blanket

Underneath a blanket all is well.

When I got my bearings back I chased a daft fly on the floor. It wouldn’t do anything but crawl. I might have eaten it. Ooops. Then I found one of my favourite places to sit and just be. I got warmed up and listened to the birdies outside. There may have been working humans down below in the “woodwork” but I’m not sure.

Bengalis in window after sugery - front

Day 1 after surgery – recharging batteries

Bengalis in window after sugery - side

Day 1 after surgery – warm sun on too cool body

Now I’m healthy and stare lovingly at my human to get some food. I know it contains medicine but that’s okay. I eat it anyway. It’s time… what are we waiting for?!

Don’t touch my thighs

Apparently it’s all okay for a human to put her hands anywhere but it’s not okay for me to groom said human. Last night I was resting on my human while my human was resting in the sofa. It was warm and nice. I was stretched out on my belly like a sausage and felt two hands massage my thighs. I rolled over on my back, excited at first. But when the caresses turned more intense I tried to avoid them by bending my back and push my bum upward. That only made things worse. A fast paced movement of hands and a crazy laughter got me pissed. I tried to catch said hands while putting on my battle face and swatting my tail but that just generated more laughter. Is she demented?

For reference, when I groom my human I usually wash the hair. It’s sometimes an appreciated gesture, though not early in the morning it seems. That and trying to crawl under the covers usually ends with me being pushed to the side.

I liked an eyebrow this morning. Two slurps and then the hand wiped me away.

Oh and that post I just added – it’s a bit old. I’m very much healed and my fur has been growing back. I’m not completely furred yet but I will get there. The reason for the delay was … technical difficulties. Missing pictures.


I think something is going on. My food bowl and water bowl are gone. They were removed some time last night. To make sure my human hasn’t stopped loving me I made quite the effort to show my love … during the night. I like leaning against legs the most but this time I went for the torso. I’ve been purring and rubbing against the face of my human. I even washed her hair at one point.

When she finally woke up I put my purring in new gear, only to be halted by clogged up throat. But that didn’t stop me. I squirmed, purred, squirmed some more and stroke my chin against her glasses. In return I got belly rubs and massive cuddles.

But no food…

To be continued I suspect.

Human on the run

About a week ago my human escaped. Everything was normal until one night she just wouldn’t settle down. I tried to keep her company and rest near her but with all the moving and shuffling it was impossible. We finally got some sleep and the morning was fine – or so I thought. My human got dressed and left. I was alone.
Later my former human showed up to keep me company and check my water and food bowl. I do like my former human. She’s good company. I get cuddles, I get carried, I am talked to and I can tell her about my day and show all my things to her.

This went on for a few days. No human, just my former one. It was fine I suppose. I got treats. Shrimp. We played a little and then went on a spider hunt. My former human doesn’t like them and dropped a book on one and refused to clean up the little bugger. We’ll leave that for my new human as punishment for leaving me.

Then one day a new set of humans showed up. I have never met them, never heard their voices so I did the natural thing of staying away. I did get a glimpse of them from behind the sofa table and scratch post though. Two tall, skinny ones with long hair. One male and one female. They cleaned my litter box. I could hear it from my hideaway under the sofa. They didn’t stay that long which was nice. The boredom started to get to me though and I felt really miserable.
The day after a new set of humans showed. One looked strangely similar to my human. It was the same voice at least but I wasn’t sure so I hid under the sofa. The two humans was rummaging through the kitchen while I just listened. At one point a face appeared at the far end and spoke to me. I didn’t take the bait. You can never be too careful.

After what felt like an eternity listening to the calm voices in the kitchen I took a leap of faith and meowed to see what response I would get. The one that looked and sounded the most like my human showed up and encouraged me to come say hello.

It WAS my human!

I started circling her in ecstasy, stroking against her and every bit of furniture to mark my territory and show my happiness. I even went as far as to rub against the legs of what I believe was the loudmouth [owner notes ‘my mum’]. She was quiet though. I even let her pet me and I could hear a quiet ‘Ooooo’. Yes, I let her touch me.

I refused to let my human out of my sight afterwards. She had tons of cuddles to catch up to and I hadn’t brushed against her glasses in days. We spent the remaining day in the sofa watching nature programs about strange creatures and at night I curled up next to her in bed just to make sure.
The day after was more of the same. Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles. I’ve been able to relax my protectiveness now. I feel I can sleep on the other side of the room with my back at her without fear of her leaving. I did suffer both night and daymares after she returned though. I think it’s a symptom of having been alone for as long as I was. It’s been a long time since I had nightmares and then all of a sudden I have 4 in less than 2 days.

I need to rest now! My human is home!

[owner notes ‘hospitalized for 5 days. Highly stressful as an owner of a scaredy-cat (no pun intended).’]

Bengalis is a Film Star

When I first started this blog I complained that my human didn’t have the right toys to make me a film star. Instead she’s taken tons upon tons of photos of me with that mobile phone of hers. There have been times when I got really irritated of that bright light in my face before hearing the cli-click. But since it’s for ‘Bengalis worship’ I’m okay with it.

Now… finally… I’m a Film Star!
She got her act together and have filmed me playing with a rubber. I really like that rubber! It bounces! Now she just need to find suitable music to it. It’s less interesting without music.
She also filmed one of our cuddle moments. I like that one.

To see me in action you have to visit my human’s playground:

Love me!

No rest for the wicked

My human was a bit restless this morning so I figured I’d take the opportunity to get some cuddles before we got out of bed. I slowly moved up towards the pillows, chirped and purred, and carefully headbutted my human. It always results in kisses on the forehead. I flipped over and was instantly embraced by her arms [owner inserts “to prevent stage-dive from the bed”]. I moved around on my back a bit while purring some more. I got belly-rubs in return.

Now she’s less than amusing to be around. I want to play but she doesn’t. I meow for attention and I get shushed at instead. Might as well go pout in my radiator pouch.

Speaking of resting – or no rest at all… The other day she got up earlier than usual and left with the laundry basket. When she returned a little while later she had breakfast in the sofa instead of at the desk. It got me curious so I stayed up a bit longer. After that she cleaned up the mess in the kitchen [owner inserts “painting tools and newspapers”] including the table counter. The Suck Monster cleaned the floors and some of the shelves in the larger room. By the time she finished I was exhausted! I wasn’t able to sleep while she was this active. When she was done I passed out in her lap while she watched large humans move on the telly.