Coma Cat

It’s been a while, I know. I’ve suffered heat waves for far too long. I have been passed out like a bent sausage in every single comfortable place I can find. The sofa. The livingroom table. The radiator pouch (only mornings). The floor even.
The one place I have stayed away from, except for drinking my water, is he window. The sun has been blaring on the back windows in the morning and then come around on the front side in the afternoon. The blinds have been shut so no watching birds – as if I had the energy. But it has still been too hot to stay in the windows too long. Even if they are slightly open.

It is cooler now though. I spent the morning in the window resting on a blanket. Cool air sips in from the outside. Very, very nice. Before that I shared the bed with my human. It’s cool enough to sleep in the bedroom again. Heat seems to affect humans too. Way too much tossing and turning for my taste.

Oh, speaking of birds and windows. Yesterday was the first day in a long time the birds outside made such noise. Like… a lot! Both my human and I was drawn to the chatter and looked outside. There were many of them. Different sizes. They were fighting in a tree some ways away from us, and some of them flew past our window. I saw neighbouring cats in other windows also highly interested in what was going on.

IMG: Bengalis sleeping in sofa

Me, comatosed in the sofa.

IMG: Benaglis sleeping on table

Me, comatosed on the table.

IMG: Bengalis sleeping in window

Me, comatosed in the window.


I have to include the following. It was before the heatwave started and i was resting in the sofa with my human. It was evening. It was dark. I was leaning at the back of her legs when I suddenly heard unfamiliar sounds, scraping sounds. I twitched and looked over the blanket clad legs. Nothing there. Just my human. I was confused. I heard something. My human on the other paw started laughing hysterically and took pictures of me. You do not laugh in the presence of invisible or hiding entities that make strange sounds!
[owner note: I scratched a minor scab on my arm]

IMG: Bengalis scouting for trouble

I heard a noise that I didn’t like but couldn’t find the source.


The elusive tuna

I have big ears. They absorb alot. Too much at times. Loud sounds almost always hurt my ears. Metal is usually something I don’t like. Especially tinfoil. I run when I see the tinfoil package out of the larder.

But there are good sounds. The sound of cans opening is especially lovely. Mainly because the cans sometime contain something really yummy. One of those things is tuna. I really like tuna. But these tuna cans have a habit of being quiet. Twice have I almost missed the opening of them. One time I really did miss it. One of the times I was in mid-meow when a dollop of tuna splashed onto my plate.

Today I didn’t hear the can at all but I did sense the whiff of fish in my nostrils. I ran to the kitchen, meowing all the way in attempt to halt the disappearance of the tuna. I started complaining for being late and did as much sucking up as I possibly could to get some tuna. I was partially ignored aside from the usual “Are we talkative today? Did we sleep well?!”.

But then… my plate. There was something there already! TUNA!
Let’s just say I didn’t waste any time. Nom-nom-nom.

Bengalis eating tuna in the kitchen

Eating tuna in the kitchen

Catching up

There’s an intruder in my home. A moth. I have tried to catch it but it’s highly evasive. It flutters irratically making it hard to focus on it and catch it. My human has tried too. She scares me when she does that because she claps her hands and I really don’t enjoy the clapping of hands.

We’ve also had a huge black fly buzzing in the kitchen windows. It was interesting to chase but I certainly didn’t want to put that into my mouth. It comes from the outside and you never know where it’s been. The outside is not safe. There are horrors.


Lately I’ve not been able to sleep in the windows. Mostly because there’s been no sun. The second has been because of loud … growling outside. Whatever it was it made noise outside all windows. Sometimes it made our home vibrate. Even my human, who is usually not too bothered, seemed irritated. Who wouldn’t be if they heard “bwwwrraaaaaaaahhhhhh” over and over [owner inserts: “Drilling and maintenance in the basement”].

Everything is much better now. I can sleep basically anywhere without interruptions. I like my bed. I try to claim the middle as often as possible but sometimes it’s just very difficult. My human tosses and turns in the morning, sometimes bumping into me. I usually get an appologetic stroke when that happens. I catch up on lost sleep after my human gets up though. I get all the covers aaalll to myself. Bliss!


The sun peeked through today. I got a chance to rest in the sun for a long time. It was really nice. First I rolled up as a bun in the window letting my back absorb the heat. Then I rolled over on the side to heat up my belly. After that I moved to the livingroom table and stretched out like a little sausage. The stacked pillows in the sofa was my last sunny resort.
I hope I can do the same tomorrow.

Music and Me

My household is almost never quiet during daytime. My human likes music. Most of the time it’s the kind that don’t hurt my ears. On rare occasions the sound gets a bit … too much. That’s when I retreat into the bedroom to sleep. Lately, I haven’t been needing to do that.

These past few days the music has intensified. It’s no longer just sound, it has become visual too. In the evening, when we usually watch quiet (in comparison) programs about animals and other interestingly moving objects or creatures, we now watch music. There’s humans moving about to the music. Sometimes. I like movement. I find it soothing if it’s calm but highly entertaining if there’s speed behind it. Birds have speed at times, which brings me to this…

I enjoy this. It’s borderline difficult for my hearing to process this but it’s still calm. This human doesn’t move a lot, which is a shame, but there are plenty of other things that move. Like the drops. I especially like the golden bird behind this human in the end. It flaps its wings, though not as much as it would require to get me in chase mode. It needs much more speed for that. Preferably moving out of sight while in speed. I have a whole ‘smörgåsbord’ of that outside my window. No golden birds there though.

The kitty-doctor

I’m alive. I survived yesterday. Yesterday my human decided to go out again. I could tell by all the clothes she put on. I was watching and wondered how long I would have to be alone when she swooped me up in her arms. Before I had time to react I was face to face with the carrier.

No, no, no, noooooooo….*poof* *ziiip* I was confined!

My human took me outside and all my fears came alive. I knew the outside world was aweful. Strange noises, loud noises. Humans. Monsters going vrooom. I pushed myself to the back of the carrier but it didn’t help. My human talked to me which was … nice.

After an eternity we entered a much warmer place. It had a very nasty doorbell! The carrier stopped moving and my human started talking to me and calling me good looking and brave. Then all of a sudden my former human showed up and gave me tons of attention. All I wanted to do was hide from all the surrounding noises. That damn bell had me twitch each time!
Then I started hearing stomping sounds. I do not like stomping sounds. I didn’t see what caused it but it must’ve been a big dark monster [owner inserts “a small child”].

All of a sudden my carrier started moving again and i heard the voice of a new human. A man. We were at the kitty-doctor! I refused to leave my carrier but that didn’t work. The kitty-doctor tilted the whole carrier so that I fell out. He started poking and touching me in all sorts of places. Teeth – check! Belly – check! Bum – check! He also defiled my mane by pulling out hair to investigate a bump. My human squirmed as the kitty-doctor punctured the bump. I wanted to scratch him and say “HEY! THAT HURT” but he just moved me around on the table and kept investigating me. He also stung me at the back of my neck. I instantly crawled back into the carrier when he was done.

When we finally got home I had to make sure that it really was my home. Bedroom – check! Litterbox – check! Scratch-posts – double-check! Food bowl … yum!

It felt good to crawl up in the sofa afterwards. The adventure has made me a little oversensitive to sudden movements and sounds again. It too shall pass.