Play with me

It’s early morning. I’m awake for a change. My human is asleep. I want attention. I want to play. So I start verbalizing my need.

Nothing happens.

I raise my voice. The cover scrunch. I up my voice. A respond.


I complain some more and get shushed at, more irritated than before. Suddenly the entertainment box awakes. It wasn’t me. My human gets up and I’m like “woooow, that’s what it takes” and begin to chase around her legs for some action.
The entertainment box is silenced and my human returns to bed.


Activia raspberries

Now I’m frustrated. It is time to get up, to play, to cuddle, to eat tuna. But I get nothing. Then something completely unexpected happens – the bedroom door is shut – in my face! I shout WOE IS MEEEEEE. It didn’t help.

When my human finally got up I got some tuna. Everything is now forgiven and forgotten. By the way… have any of you fellow kitties tried the human food … yoohghuuurrt? It’s… milky… and it comes in different colours and tastes… different than milk. Sometimes it’s blue, sometimes red and sometimes purple. I just love it. If only I could get a canister of my own. The dollops I get are small.
I could probably teach my human to give me more. I just need some time.


Patience is a virtue

Finally! Success!
After years of training my human has finally understood that it is custom to serve shrimp more than once a week (I didn’t even get that) and tuna equally often. This week is the first time that I got shrimp two days in a row (praise Bastet!) and I do believe there are tuna cans in the cupboard. I haven’t exactly seen or smelled the cans but… you know, I hope. Hope is the last thing that an individual surrender.

Now there’s not a whole lot more I can teach my human. I have plenty of food to choose from even though I’m not picky. I have a relatively clean litter box that currently needs new sand. No biggie. There’s plenty of places to sleep, the bed being the best one because we share the warmth there. Oh I forgot to mention that we have changed the covers from thin ones to the thick ones. It scrunches when I walk on it. And it keeps us warm. Which leads me to the fact that all I have to do is poke the opening a little to be let under. No struggle. No bashing of a human head – although I have to headbutt her at times. Usually, I hit the nose and apparently that hurts because I usually get a loud “OW! in my ears. Suits you right for not letting me under quickly enough.

Bengalis sleeping in lap

Few things beats sleeping in a warm lap.

And… like tuna garnish on a shrimp… I got to explore an area that I have never been allow to explore – the top of the wardrobe. It was exciting but dusty. It made me sneeze. I’ve been up there twice now. If I can make her clean up there it would be awesome!

What else have I managed? The walk-in storage opens up a little more often now. Sun… well, we can’t control that one but I take every chance I get to soak in the sun. Yesterday was one of those days. I have my favourite spot in the livingroom window. The second best is the kitchen during mornings. But today it’s cloudy so I’ve had to settle for the radiator pouch.

Few things beats a sleep in a warm lap.One thing that I’m still not allowed to do is to serve myself treats. There was a chicken pizza with human delicacies on top and I desperately tried to squeeze into the lap of my human. That worked. Then I desperately made my entire body, and especially my nose, longer so I could perhaps get a nibble. That didn’t work. I circled the plate but a hand stopped me from entering the chicken sphere. Hope. It never leaves, right? Well, bits of chicken appeared on the floor. I was circling the area and just saw them there, one after the other. Sooo tasty. So I guess not being able to serve myself treats is okay as long as I get something – one way or another.
To avoid getting fat I decided to have a run around my territory. I attacked the sofa and pulled back my ears to the best of my ability. The left one is a little daft and has been since birth. I heard a sudden noise and bolted across the back and down on the side. Then I leapt over our large cushions and rushed to the bedroom. Then I ran back, crawled under the sofa and attacked the cover hanging down from the seats. Now I just take it easy and rest.

I scream, you scream

We all scream for…

bengalis eating ice cream


This was my treat after complaining about a fly in my chardonnay moth in my water bowl. It had salty licorice in it. Cooool…

Not much else going on at the moment. The sun comes and goes as it pleases. One day it’s impossible to bask in the rays and other days it’s dark, rainy and windy. My home is cooling down though. Before, it was so hot I had to rest in the kitchen where the temperature is a bit cooler. Now I inhabit every place I fancy. Not even the birds outside wanted to come out and play in the heat.

Oh and my treatment is going well. I’m off the meds and my “battle scars” have transformed into scabs about to fall off. All is well in Bengalis-Land!

Double food, no food

Yesterday I held serenades by the door when my human got home. Long, drawn out exclamations of love (for soft food). Some tripping around feet. Tip of tail wiggling (yes I have started to master it now). Stretching up towards the counter to try speed things up. More serenades and voila, my food was served. I sometimes don’t eat instantly. Sometimes I continue my serenades until my human is about to leave the kitchen and then I eat.

But I ate. Salmon I believe it was. I would like that other fish, herring, but for some reason my human cannot catch one of those tins [owner notes: sold out in the store].

Later that evening, after some racing around in our home, looking at birds, sun worshiping, and minor cuddles I got more soft food. Wut?! I always try to get more food but never do. This time I did. What’s going on?
Then, this morning, when I decided it was time for my human to wake up I only managed one purr and slight poking at the cover before she bolted out of bed with a “Shit!”, rushed out in the kitchen and removed my dry food bowls. And I didn’t get any food at all. What the H is going on? Well, if I can’t get some service in this joint then I will cling on my human until I do. I’ll be the poo that never quite leave your bum, and you don’t want to lick it off because there’s too much of it. It’s there. It’s irritating. But you don’t want to deal with it. …okay, not the greatest analogy.

I better get some food later today!


I think something is going on. My food bowl and water bowl are gone. They were removed some time last night. To make sure my human hasn’t stopped loving me I made quite the effort to show my love … during the night. I like leaning against legs the most but this time I went for the torso. I’ve been purring and rubbing against the face of my human. I even washed her hair at one point.

When she finally woke up I put my purring in new gear, only to be halted by clogged up throat. But that didn’t stop me. I squirmed, purred, squirmed some more and stroke my chin against her glasses. In return I got belly rubs and massive cuddles.

But no food…

To be continued I suspect.

The elusive tuna

I have big ears. They absorb alot. Too much at times. Loud sounds almost always hurt my ears. Metal is usually something I don’t like. Especially tinfoil. I run when I see the tinfoil package out of the larder.

But there are good sounds. The sound of cans opening is especially lovely. Mainly because the cans sometime contain something really yummy. One of those things is tuna. I really like tuna. But these tuna cans have a habit of being quiet. Twice have I almost missed the opening of them. One time I really did miss it. One of the times I was in mid-meow when a dollop of tuna splashed onto my plate.

Today I didn’t hear the can at all but I did sense the whiff of fish in my nostrils. I ran to the kitchen, meowing all the way in attempt to halt the disappearance of the tuna. I started complaining for being late and did as much sucking up as I possibly could to get some tuna. I was partially ignored aside from the usual “Are we talkative today? Did we sleep well?!”.

But then… my plate. There was something there already! TUNA!
Let’s just say I didn’t waste any time. Nom-nom-nom.

Bengalis eating tuna in the kitchen

Eating tuna in the kitchen

Carnivore with a hint of veg

Cats are meat-eaters, carnivores. Normally we hunt for food on our own, in the wild. I on the other hand am privileged to live indoors. I don’t have to hunt, I get served. I really don’t ask for much because my human keeps my bowl filled with dry treats all the time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t wail in the kitchen once in a while. You never know what treats are hiding in the larder.

So… I go out there and make my presence known whenever cooking is going on. Especially when cans are opened. I’m not much for soft food but I still get excited when I hear a can open. Often there’s nothing of interest. I get to check! As always she says there’s nothing for me in the can as she lets me sniff the contents. We’ll see about that!

Recently she opened a can of Ica Basic Sliced Champignon and let me sniff all while telling me it wasn’t for me. But after sticking my entire nose into the can she picked up a small piece and gave it to me in a feeble attempt to prove me wrong – that it was of no interest.

I ate it!

She gave me another piece and I ate that too. To this day I have eaten 3 small pieces of canned mushrooms. Not that bad. Don’t underestimate the pallet of a cat!

Bringing home the bacon

My human is a good hunter. Today she left briefly and was back in a jiffy. She had a large package in her arms that she dumped on the floor in the kitchen. All new items that enters my home needs to be thoroughly inspected. I let her open it in peace [owner notes: the noise of ripping the tape hurt his ears] before I had a closer look. What do you know, she came home with food! All for me!

purina pro plan

A large package of Purina Pro Plan Turkey. Mmmm!

The package I have been eating from since before winter [owner notes: 10 kg, bought 11th September 2013!] is almost empty. It has the taste of Salmon. This new one reads ‘Turkey’. Bird! Mmmm!

Now all I need is peepoo crystals. My litterbox needs cleaning. I do believe we have a package of that somewhere. I remember brushing against one of those in the walk-in closet … that is rarely open and is highly exciting to investigate.