Catching up

There’s an intruder in my home. A moth. I have tried to catch it but it’s highly evasive. It flutters irratically making it hard to focus on it and catch it. My human has tried too. She scares me when she does that because she claps her hands and I really don’t enjoy the clapping of hands.

We’ve also had a huge black fly buzzing in the kitchen windows. It was interesting to chase but I certainly didn’t want to put that into my mouth. It comes from the outside and you never know where it’s been. The outside is not safe. There are horrors.


Lately I’ve not been able to sleep in the windows. Mostly because there’s been no sun. The second has been because of loud … growling outside. Whatever it was it made noise outside all windows. Sometimes it made our home vibrate. Even my human, who is usually not too bothered, seemed irritated. Who wouldn’t be if they heard “bwwwrraaaaaaaahhhhhh” over and over [owner inserts: “Drilling and maintenance in the basement”].

Everything is much better now. I can sleep basically anywhere without interruptions. I like my bed. I try to claim the middle as often as possible but sometimes it’s just very difficult. My human tosses and turns in the morning, sometimes bumping into me. I usually get an appologetic stroke when that happens. I catch up on lost sleep after my human gets up though. I get all the covers aaalll to myself. Bliss!


The sun peeked through today. I got a chance to rest in the sun for a long time. It was really nice. First I rolled up as a bun in the window letting my back absorb the heat. Then I rolled over on the side to heat up my belly. After that I moved to the livingroom table and stretched out like a little sausage. The stacked pillows in the sofa was my last sunny resort.
I hope I can do the same tomorrow.