Such a Beautiful Day

Today has been bliss to be perfectly honest. I shared the bed with my human and we had a bit of a very warm cuddle moment under the covers. It’s been a while. Sometimes I don’t feel like it, sometimes she doesn’t feel like it, or have time, but that’s fine. Today we cuddled and I got my belly rubbed. When it was time to get up I got more cuddles in the bathroom, and I decided when I had enough for a change. I did complain a little when my human delayed. Showers. Why? There’s no shed fur to remove.

After my tuna breakfast (and later that … yoohghuuurrt) I went back to bed and slept for a while. It was cold though, so just in time for the sun to spread its rays across the living room window I showed up and made myself comfortable. My human kept herself occupied with something or other while I graciously moved positions in the warmth of the rays. A little bit of sideways. A little bit of paws in the air. A little bit of curled up ball.

I also did some grooming. Slow washing. Front left paw. Toes. Front left leg. Belly. Front right leg, paw, toes. Private parts – cannot neglect those. More paws. I know I was filmed but I ignored it – for the most part. Apparently filming got boring because my human decided to give me more belly rubs and speak to me in a whispering voice. Purring commenced!

All days should be like this. Bliss!


No wonder you’re cold

A few nights ago my human was sitting in front of the entertainment box wrapped in a blanket. I was laying on her legs, on the blanket, like a lose ball and was observing her. She had that blanket and layers of human attire on. Some parts, like hands and face, were bare. Smooth. Bare. It dawned on me…

She has no fur!

I mean… I knew fur was missing but never actually thought about it. It’s one of those things that just slips by. Sure, there’s something that could be called fur on top of her head, but it remains in that area. It doesn’t spread. How could someone not have fur?! It’s so practical. I find it practical. I don’t have to waste valuable sleep and play time putting on additional layers. She should consider getting fur. But I guess if she did we wouldn’t have a need for the thick bed covers that I really like.

For instance, the early morning recently. There was a bit of tossing and turning again and it was a bit … not annoying but… I felt the need to calm her down. So I washed her hair for a moment until we could both fall asleep again. A bit later it was time to move about again. This time I used a different tactic. A tactic that benefit both. I forced myself under the cover and made myself comfortable all stretched out next to her. Oh the warmth! Thankfully the opening wasn’t closed or I’d probably die of overheating.
We stayed like that for a while and I got belly rubs and massage. I purred in response. Looks like having no fur has its benefits…


I think something is going on. My food bowl and water bowl are gone. They were removed some time last night. To make sure my human hasn’t stopped loving me I made quite the effort to show my love … during the night. I like leaning against legs the most but this time I went for the torso. I’ve been purring and rubbing against the face of my human. I even washed her hair at one point.

When she finally woke up I put my purring in new gear, only to be halted by clogged up throat. But that didn’t stop me. I squirmed, purred, squirmed some more and stroke my chin against her glasses. In return I got belly rubs and massive cuddles.

But no food…

To be continued I suspect.

Summer Son

Bengalis in sun 1

I love sun. Even in such small does as today.

Bengalis in sun 2

Wut?! Too much sun? …naaaah.


An important aspect of a cats life. We need it. It keeps us warm. It makes us relaxed.

No matter where the sun rays hit, as a cat you need to harness the energy. You need to take advantage of every bit of yellow beam, especially if you live somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine all the time.

If a human has laid claim to a sunny spot – claim the human!
If a human has claimed a sunny spot with an item – claim the item!

There is no excuse whatsoever to not bask in the sunlight. It is what we do. It is what we were born to do.

Also, a relaxed cat in the sun always makes humans worship us more, and most certainly result in lots of belly rubs. When this happens it is our duty as cats to stretch out to expose as much of our bodies as possible. Roll around gently. Grooming is fine as long as the behind is left alone. Humans don’t want to take pictures of that!

But be careful. Too much sun can make us a bit too mellow…

Is my human unfaithful?

I’m starting to wonder if my human has a cat on the side. Recently she’s been away more than usual, and when she comes home her socks have a familiar carpet smell. We only have one carpet in our home and it’s not it. She wears slippers at home. She also have foreign cat hair on her clothes. It kind of smells like my old home and my house-pal Sefima. Of course these scents need to go away so I have been extra cuddly to rub in my own scent on her. I usually focus on her glasses. If another cat is ‘in her face’ then they will definitely know she’s already claimed!

We’ve also had a few early mornings where I’ve forced myself in between the covers for a bit of camping. We have a chilly bedroom so it’s extra nice to be surrounded by warmth. Sometimes I stay above all covers and just headbutt her and flip on my back to tread air. That’s fun. Best way to get belly rubs! It almost makes me forgive her for visiting other cats.