Bengalis 2009-2015

It is with major sadness that I, the owner of Bengalis, will have to put this blog through its first hiatus for a great period of time. The reason is Bengalis has, during the past year-and-a-half, developed what seems to be cancer lumps all over his body. It started around August 2014 when I found the very first lumps, that were eventually removed in September the same year. A few months later more lumps had appeared, slowly at first, but then grew rapidly. Bengalis went through 3 surgeries in less than a year (as described in his writings) but as of summer of 2015 I decided that he would not go through another surgery session, and started preparing for the fact that he may never see his 7th birthday (March 2016).

Since the last surgery more lumps have appeared and by the last count, around 20th September, he had as many new ones as was previously removed (12). In an attempt to avoid the inevitable I pondered letting him live with the current lumps for some time, but fate smacked me in the face when I found not 1 but 2 lumps in his face – one of which was located on his right cheekbone, just below the eye. As a pet owner, who loves her cats, I cannot let my cats deteriorate just to keep them around. It is extremely selfish and I will never do that. I have done it out of complete blindness with my previous cat. She died of old age but should have been put to sleep long before it actually happened.

So it is with massive sadness that I had to let Bengalis move on to Kitty Heaven prematurely on 28th October. He is by far the strangest, loudest, cuddliest, most scared and absolutely most loving cat I have ever encountered and I can now safely say I will never find a cat as special as he was (I said the same after my previous cat died and look who took over my home!). 

But as Bengalis put it, “hope is the last thing that leaves a being” and I hope that my belief in the afterlife and reincarnation will grant me the luxury of having him return to me. Because there will be other cats in the future…