Escape artist seeking comfort

So… It is now safe to say, or conclude, that No Food equals Veterinarian. I shall be better prepared next time!
To make it really, really short, I was shoved into the carrier, taken to the vet, was prodded and shaved in the presence of my human (I gave her a sad ‘Why?!’ look but it didn’t help). I was left there, though I suppose the soft whispers and encouragements were out of love. That’s all I remember clearly. I have vague images of being put in a closed carrier in a dark bathroom, fully kitted with cushions, blankets and towels. I also got out of the carrier. I don’t remember how but I have seen the carrier after I got my usual self back and the whole zipper side has been torn apart! BOOOSH! You will not carry me anywhere anymore!

Yeah. We had a cuddle-fest for days afterwards. I enjoyed sleeping under blankets. More quiet, not to mention dark and warm.

Bangalis under pink blanket

Underneath a blanket all is well.

When I got my bearings back I chased a daft fly on the floor. It wouldn’t do anything but crawl. I might have eaten it. Ooops. Then I found one of my favourite places to sit and just be. I got warmed up and listened to the birdies outside. There may have been working humans down below in the “woodwork” but I’m not sure.

Bengalis in window after sugery - front

Day 1 after surgery – recharging batteries

Bengalis in window after sugery - side

Day 1 after surgery – warm sun on too cool body

Now I’m healthy and stare lovingly at my human to get some food. I know it contains medicine but that’s okay. I eat it anyway. It’s time… what are we waiting for?!


Shaven, not furred

To state the obvious… it’s been a while. So what’s been happening? It’s warmer. The sun has been shining on and off through the windows and I have been basking in the light whenever possible. The birds are populating the trees outside a bit more now. I remember a while back both my human and I got startled by a pigeon on a mission flying past the window. Shwoooosh.
I still like to sleep under blankets and covers at night time or early mornings.

…especially now. I was brought to the veterinarian some time ago and went through the same silly procedure as last time but this time my shoulders were trimmed in large patches. I look a little nerdy but it’s ok. A bit chilly at times. But I make use of my human and blankets to keep warm. She owes me that much.
So I apparently have these things growing on me. They don’t really bother me although I have accidentally scratched one of the now removed lumps. But I must have more because my human won’t stop prodding, poking and squeezing me in various places. I’m really fed up with that. And waking up in the bathroom all wiggly and feeling the need to throw up is not fun either.

The best part was that I was given soft food afterwards. I believe there was something mixed in it but I ate it anyway. Before, I only had nibbles. The food never interested me. But now… YUM! I make sure that my human understands that I like this food. It tastes of fish. I stand by the door and sing serenades and squirm to make sure those feet head towards the kitchen – after cuddles of course! So far so good.

Now I’m just waiting for my fur to grow back.

Bengalis with scars

In the bathroom resting after surgery


Not even the birds are awake!

The routines in my home have changed and I’m not liking them very much. Before, my human and I got up after the birds started singing. We got up and did the bathroom thing where I got cuddles. Then I sometimes helped pick out clothes for my human. After that my human did her thing, at home mostly, and I went back to sleep for quite some time. When I woke up I always made my presence known and then watched birds och got chased by my friend, who apparently can’t be seen by humans. Also, we have a moth that just won’t die so I chase that when I see it.

Much later my human and I got comfortable in the sofa. Sometimes too comfortable. We usually fell asleep there before heading to bed.

But now… we get up before the birds even. It’s not natural! Sure, I don’t have to get up but then I’ll miss out on precious cuddle time. Because now my human leaves! Leaving me all alone. So far she’s managed to come home, which is good. Not like that time when I was truly alone for far too long.
Most of the time though I go back to bed before she’s even left. And when she gets back I usually sing serenades at the door to catch up. I have a lot of cuddles to collect before the routine starts all over again.

So far so good.

Oh and I was brought to the veterinarian again. He didn’t prod me like last time. Instead he removed the stitches in my face. I can now rub against my human without problems. There were complaints when the stitches scratched her skin. Not my fault! I didn’t want to go in the first place!


Veterinarian visit – beauty correction

Didn’t I suspect something was up when my food went missing? Of course it was. Shortly after we woke up and one of us had breakfast, and after I had gotten comfortable in bed again, I was whisked up in the arms of my human. She never disturbs me like that unless we’re going somewhere. Confused I scouted the area and saw the carrier. Nooooooooooo.

I was shoved inside by a firm hand and the zipper closed. Hell commenced with nasty sounds from all around me. Once again we reached the horrific crossing where the sounds amplifies. I back far into the carrier but didn’t get far. I could hear my human speak to me as if that would calm me down!

Eventually we were indoors. I could hear other humans and a kitten meow in the distance. We were at the VETERINARIAN!

He pulled me out and started inspecting me all over, and poking and prodding me. He touched me in the exact same places my human has been inspecting me. Back thigh, both front shoulders, neck and lip. I wanted to meow “just leave my pretty self alone!” but all I managed was a low growl. Then I was stung in the back of my neck and it all went dark.

I kinda woke up back home. I was on a blanket on the floor and my human was pampering me. My face and neck was hurting. I tried to get up but my legs just wouldn’t do the job. My head kept spinning. At one point I did get up but all I managed was a sidestep crash into a chair. So uncomfortable. I think I managed to hop up in the sofa and pass out there. I have vague memories of having my backside wiped. Did I pee myself?!

Bengalis partially sedated

Bengalis in Lala-Land

My empty stomach protested and I threw up a few times. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I tried to get it out by scraping my tongue with my paws. That only made my lip hurt and I squealed a little. My previously clean paws had nasty saliva and blood on them.
I must’ve passed out again because I woke up in the carrier again, still in the living room. The time after that the carrier was in the bathroom with lots of blankets on the floor. It was dark. In an attempt to shoulder-bash the door I smacked my neck and face into it leaving blood stains. It resulted in my human joining me in the cramped up bathroom. Just what I wanted. A warm body to cuddle up on.

Bengalis passed out on human

Bengalis sleeping on his human

Not too soon did we leave the bathroom. Freeeedom!
I got some shrimp that I couldn’t swallow and some tuna that I was able to swallow. The rest of the evening and night was spent sleeping in the sofa – with my human! It was crowded but oh so lovely. [owner notes “anything to avoid pee in my bed”]

Since then things have only gotten better. I eat (shrimp, tuna and dry food), I drink, I cuddle, I use my litter box and I can move around freely. My face is still hurting. Why was this even done to me?! I was pretty before. There was no need for improvements!

[owner notes “He had ‘fat lumps’ that just wouldn’t go away and kept growing. Probably the result of too good food.”]

The kitty-doctor

I’m alive. I survived yesterday. Yesterday my human decided to go out again. I could tell by all the clothes she put on. I was watching and wondered how long I would have to be alone when she swooped me up in her arms. Before I had time to react I was face to face with the carrier.

No, no, no, noooooooo….*poof* *ziiip* I was confined!

My human took me outside and all my fears came alive. I knew the outside world was aweful. Strange noises, loud noises. Humans. Monsters going vrooom. I pushed myself to the back of the carrier but it didn’t help. My human talked to me which was … nice.

After an eternity we entered a much warmer place. It had a very nasty doorbell! The carrier stopped moving and my human started talking to me and calling me good looking and brave. Then all of a sudden my former human showed up and gave me tons of attention. All I wanted to do was hide from all the surrounding noises. That damn bell had me twitch each time!
Then I started hearing stomping sounds. I do not like stomping sounds. I didn’t see what caused it but it must’ve been a big dark monster [owner inserts “a small child”].

All of a sudden my carrier started moving again and i heard the voice of a new human. A man. We were at the kitty-doctor! I refused to leave my carrier but that didn’t work. The kitty-doctor tilted the whole carrier so that I fell out. He started poking and touching me in all sorts of places. Teeth – check! Belly – check! Bum – check! He also defiled my mane by pulling out hair to investigate a bump. My human squirmed as the kitty-doctor punctured the bump. I wanted to scratch him and say “HEY! THAT HURT” but he just moved me around on the table and kept investigating me. He also stung me at the back of my neck. I instantly crawled back into the carrier when he was done.

When we finally got home I had to make sure that it really was my home. Bedroom – check! Litterbox – check! Scratch-posts – double-check! Food bowl … yum!

It felt good to crawl up in the sofa afterwards. The adventure has made me a little oversensitive to sudden movements and sounds again. It too shall pass.