Don’t touch my thighs

Apparently it’s all okay for a human to put her hands anywhere but it’s not okay for me to groom said human. Last night I was resting on my human while my human was resting in the sofa. It was warm and nice. I was stretched out on my belly like a sausage and felt two hands massage my thighs. I rolled over on my back, excited at first. But when the caresses turned more intense I tried to avoid them by bending my back and push my bum upward. That only made things worse. A fast paced movement of hands and a crazy laughter got me pissed. I tried to catch said hands while putting on my battle face and swatting my tail but that just generated more laughter. Is she demented?

For reference, when I groom my human I usually wash the hair. It’s sometimes an appreciated gesture, though not early in the morning it seems. That and trying to crawl under the covers usually ends with me being pushed to the side.

I liked an eyebrow this morning. Two slurps and then the hand wiped me away.

Oh and that post I just added – it’s a bit old. I’m very much healed and my fur has been growing back. I’m not completely furred yet but I will get there. The reason for the delay was … technical difficulties. Missing pictures.


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