The elusive tuna

I have big ears. They absorb alot. Too much at times. Loud sounds almost always hurt my ears. Metal is usually something I don’t like. Especially tinfoil. I run when I see the tinfoil package out of the larder.

But there are good sounds. The sound of cans opening is especially lovely. Mainly because the cans sometime contain something really yummy. One of those things is tuna. I really like tuna. But these tuna cans have a habit of being quiet. Twice have I almost missed the opening of them. One time I really did miss it. One of the times I was in mid-meow when a dollop of tuna splashed onto my plate.

Today I didn’t hear the can at all but I did sense the whiff of fish in my nostrils. I ran to the kitchen, meowing all the way in attempt to halt the disappearance of the tuna. I started complaining for being late and did as much sucking up as I possibly could to get some tuna. I was partially ignored aside from the usual “Are we talkative today? Did we sleep well?!”.

But then… my plate. There was something there already! TUNA!
Let’s just say I didn’t waste any time. Nom-nom-nom.

Bengalis eating tuna in the kitchen

Eating tuna in the kitchen


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