Bringing home the bacon

My human is a good hunter. Today she left briefly and was back in a jiffy. She had a large package in her arms that she dumped on the floor in the kitchen. All new items that enters my home needs to be thoroughly inspected. I let her open it in peace [owner notes: the noise of ripping the tape hurt his ears] before I had a closer look. What do you know, she came home with food! All for me!

purina pro plan

A large package of Purina Pro Plan Turkey. Mmmm!

The package I have been eating from since before winter [owner notes: 10 kg, bought 11th September 2013!] is almost empty. It has the taste of Salmon. This new one reads ‘Turkey’. Bird! Mmmm!

Now all I need is peepoo crystals. My litterbox needs cleaning. I do believe we have a package of that somewhere. I remember brushing against one of those in the walk-in closet … that is rarely open and is highly exciting to investigate.


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