Summer Son

Bengalis in sun 1

I love sun. Even in such small does as today.

Bengalis in sun 2

Wut?! Too much sun? …naaaah.


An important aspect of a cats life. We need it. It keeps us warm. It makes us relaxed.

No matter where the sun rays hit, as a cat you need to harness the energy. You need to take advantage of every bit of yellow beam, especially if you live somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine all the time.

If a human has laid claim to a sunny spot – claim the human!
If a human has claimed a sunny spot with an item – claim the item!

There is no excuse whatsoever to not bask in the sunlight. It is what we do. It is what we were born to do.

Also, a relaxed cat in the sun always makes humans worship us more, and most certainly result in lots of belly rubs. When this happens it is our duty as cats to stretch out to expose as much of our bodies as possible. Roll around gently. Grooming is fine as long as the behind is left alone. Humans don’t want to take pictures of that!

But be careful. Too much sun can make us a bit too mellow…


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